Keeping Your Website Safe Without Needing to be a Tech Expert

Let’s talk about something super important—keeping your website safe. If you’re a small business owner in Canada, you might think that securing your website is only a job for tech experts. But guess what? It’s not! You also need to protect your site with just a few basic practices. Trust me, you’ve got this.

Using Strong Passwords.

Why Strong Passwords Matter.

You wouldn’t leave your shop’s door unlocked, right? Think of your website the same way. Strong passwords are like sturdy locks—they keep out the bad guys. Weak passwords are an open invitation for trouble.

Simple Tips for Creating and Managing Strong Passwords.

Creating a strong password doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some easy tips:

  • Mix it up: Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Go long: Aim for at least 18 characters minimum.
  • Avoid the obvious: Stay away from easily guessable info like your name or “password123.” – For that matter… Don’t use any word you can find in a dictionary!

Pro Tip: Use a password manager to generate and store your passwords. It’s like having a digital keychain that you never lose!

Keeping Software Updated.

The Role of Updates in Security.

Imagine your website as a house. Software updates are like repairs and upgrades that keep your house sturdy and secure. Skipping updates is like ignoring a broken window—eventually, someone will take advantage of it.

Easy Steps to Ensure Your Website Software is Up-to-Date.

Staying updated is straightforward:

  1. Set it and forget it: Enable automatic updates for your website platform, plugins, and themes.
  2. Check regularly: Even with automatic updates, it’s good to manually check for updates once a month.
  3. Backup first: Always backup your site before running updates. If something goes wrong, you can easily restore it.

The Importance of SSL Certificates.

What SSL Certificates Do.

SSL certificates are like bouncers at a club—they ensure that only authorized people can interact with your site. They encrypt the data between your visitors and your site, making it much harder for hackers to steal information.

How to Get and Implement an SSL Certificate Easily.

Getting an SSL certificate might sound tricky, but it’s really not:

  1. Get it free: Many hosting providers offer free SSL certificates. Check if yours does.
  2. Install it: Most platforms have a simple one-click installation for SSL certificates.
  3. Verify it: Make sure your website URL starts with “https://” and shows a padlock icon in the address bar.

Quick Tip: If you’re unsure about SSL certificates, your web host can help you set it up.


Securing your website doesn’t have to be a headache. By using strong passwords, keeping your software updated, and implementing an SSL certificate, you can keep your website safe without breaking a sweat.

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FAQ’s For Keeping Your Website Safe.

What is the easiest way to keep my website safe?

The easiest way to keep your website safe is by using strong passwords, regularly updating your software, and ensuring you have an SSL certificate. These steps provide a solid foundation for website security.

How often should I update my website software to keep my website safe?

To keep your website safe, you should update your website software, including plugins and themes, as soon as updates are available. Regular updates help protect against vulnerabilities and keep your site secure.

Do I need an SSL certificate to keep my website safe?

Yes, having an SSL certificate is crucial to keep your website safe. It encrypts the data between your visitors and your site, ensuring that sensitive information is protected from hackers.

Can a web hosting provider help me keep my website safe?

Absolutely! A good web hosting provider offers robust security features, such as regular backups, malware scanning, and firewall protection, to help keep your website safe. Consider exploring reliable hosting options tailored for your business needs.

What are some signs that my current web hosting is not keeping my website safe?

If you experience frequent downtime, slow loading times, or frequent security breaches, it may be a sign that your current web hosting is not keeping your website safe. Upgrading to a more secure hosting plan can provide better protection and performance for your site.

Does Your Business Need More Secure Web Hosting?

Find out if you need more secure web hosting for your business. Answer these questions to see if your website needs improved hosting services!

Do you use strong and unique passwords for your website’s admin panel?
Strong passwords are crucial for protecting your website from unauthorized access.

Is your website software, including plugins and themes, regularly updated?
Regular updates are essential to fix vulnerabilities and enhance security.

Do you have an SSL certificate installed on your website?
SSL certificates encrypt data, making your website more secure.

Are you experiencing slow loading times or frequent downtime on your website?
Reliable web hosting ensures your site is always up and running smoothly.

Do you have reliable customer support to assist with any website issues?
Quality web hosting includes excellent customer support to help you quickly resolve problems.

Do you need more storage space for your website’s files and data?
Upgraded web hosting plans offer more storage to accommodate your growing needs.

Are you looking to improve your website’s performance and speed?
Better web hosting services provide faster servers and optimized performance.

Are you concerned about the security of your website?
Good web hosting providers offer robust security features to protect your site.

Is your current web hosting plan not scalable enough for your growing business?
Scalable hosting solutions can grow with your business, accommodating more traffic and resources.

Do you want to add ecommerce capabilities to your website?
Ecommerce hosting plans provide the necessary resources and features for online stores.


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