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A diverse group of business professionals in a Canadian office collaboratively discussing a website with accessible design features on a screen, highlighting inclusivity and modern web design.

Accessible Design Tips for Small Businesses Websites

I recently fielded a question from a client who asked “How can I implement accessible design in my small business website?”My immediate advice was… to focus on key elements such as ensuring text readability with appropriate font size and contrast, using alt text for images, and enabling keyboard navigation. These … Read more

A group of diverse Canadian small business owners discussing mobile-friendly design on devices, in a coworking space.

Importance of Mobile-Friendly Design for Business Sites

Why is having a mobile-friendly design crucial for my business website? Did you know that as of December 2023, over half of all worldwide website visits were made on mobile devices? Let me lay it out straight: Oberlo reported a staggering 56.1%, Mobiloud slightly higher at 57.8%, and by February … Read more

A small business owner in Canada working on a computer in a warm, inviting office, symbolizing his engagement in managing website hosting and SEO.

The Impact of Hosting and SEO: What Small Businesses Need to Know

As a small business owner myself, I’ve been right where you are – navigating the murky waters of website hosting and SEO. Trying to find that perfect balance, especially when it seems like most better hosting solutions are based outside of Canada. But here’s the thing – finding a reliable … Read more

A Canadian small business owner in a modern co-working space, focused on budget website design using a laptop, with Canadian cultural elements subtly included in the background.

Budget Website Design: Building Stunning Sites Affordably

As someone who’s been in the trenches of Canadian entrepreneurship, I totally get how crucial it is to have a website that doesn’t just look fantastic, but also fits snugly within your budget. That’s why I’m super excited to dive into the world of budget website design with you. A … Read more


Roger is affordable and reliable. He is a lovely human being who cares about the people he supports. My business has successfully been operating for well over 13 years with Mr. Wheatleys guidance and expertise. As an expert in his field, Roger, provides continued services for maintaining my website to its maximum potential. Roger, is well-versed in the newest web technologies and internet. He is proficient and knowledgeable about web designing tools and web technologies. Roger is a 5 out of 5 professional and those are hard to come-bye. Unequivocally, I recommend his expertise to every business with a website.

Gloria R Segovia, SSW, BA, BSW, MSW, RSW, RP, owner / operator of AERCS.

Gloria R. Segovia, CRPO, BA, MSW, RSW, RP
Owner / Operator AERCS.

I was referred to Roger just over 2 years ago after hearing great things about him as a person and his business. I've struggled with other Webhosting companies in the past. From our first meeting I knew he was the right fit to help me grow my business. He takes a genuine interest in you as a person and your business. His experience,knowledge, insight and ideas to get me on a successful path have been a big relief to me as a small business owner.He truly wants everyone to succeed . I would highly recommend calling or emailing Roger at your first opportunity to help you get on track.

Mike Hobson, owner / operator of Room at a Time Painting.

Mike Hobson
Room at a Time Painting.

Roger is very knowledgeable, professional and proficient in providing services; and he eagerly shares his wealth of knowledge with us. Thus, I think it prudent to consult with him regarding new endeavours and initiatives. He goes above and beyond our expectations for each request or inquiry. He is extremely supportive, responsive and a great problem solver in time of technological “crisis”. In essence, I have come to trust Roger immensely and respect his opinion. We have a great, long-term relationship and he consistently proves that he has our best interests in mind and in practice.

Andrea P. Kelly, Bachelor of Laws, LL.B, Lawyer at Andrea Kelly Law.

Andrea P. Kelly, Bachelor of Laws, LL.B
Lawyer at Andrea Kelly Law.